About Us

About Us

Stone of New England is a reclaiming and salvaging company. We have been selling masonry supplies for almost 70 years and salvaging stone for the past ten. Our inventory consists of thousands of pieces of stone. They have been carefully removed from bridges, old buildings, homes, mills, street work and other colonial foundations and structures. Much of our stone is in it’s original heavily weathered condition. We also carry a full inventory of New England Field stone products. These include accent boulders, slabs and steps, along with bulk and palletized veneer and wall stone.

Our 4 acre yard and showroom is located in Charlton, Ma. We have the means to design, deliver, fabricate or refer for install. Our traditional finishing techniques insure an authentic look for each and every application. Our vast network also allows us to find stones some think unavailable.

The photo below shows the yard in early 2015. We have recently completed a 60×60 building and expanded our stone inventory to the lowest part of the yard, shown empty in this photo (top left).

Stone of New England

sold exclusively at


23 Trolley Crossing Rd.

Charlton, Ma 01507

508.248.4044 office


Henry “J.” Camosse III



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