Reclaimed and Salvaged Granite Curbing

Reclaimed and Salvaged Granite Curbing

Granite curbing has been a staple of our inventory for the past five years. We have purchased and sold miles of granite curbing since beginning our salvaging efforts. We often have large quantities of multiple styles of granite curbing. Each style generally comes from a different era in time.

Over Sized First Generation Curbing



Generation One Curbing – Top Edge

Sawn Side Curbing – Sawn Side Curbing is new or reclaimed granite curbing that has modern manufacturing written all over it. This generally includes cut marks, sawn marks, spray paint or notches and angles.  Our inventory is extensive and does include many weathered pieces of Sawn Side Curbing as well. They are ideal for curbing applications in commercial or residential applications and often meet or exceed the required standards.

Weathered Sawn Side Curbing

Slope Curb – Often shorter lengths and narrower widths are typical. The stones dressed the edge of highway islands and embankments. This stone is ideal for landscape edging around gardens and mulch beds. This is also a perfect stone to incorporate into a masonry veneer. Window details, keystones and granite quions  are great ways to incorporate  this reclaimed stone into your project.

Sloped Granite Curbing

Our inventory of reclaimed granite continues to grow weekly. We are constantly buying new inventory and carefully sorting it by its color and size.

Come down to our stone yard in Charlton, Ma.

Reclaimed Granite Curbing
Reclaimed Granite Curbing
Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Radius Curbing can be used to create a unique contour or near a driveway entrance. Our radius granite curbing is sorted by size and can be cut to any required lengths.

Reclaimed Radius Granite Curbing
Reclaimed Radius Granite Curbing

Larger reclaimed granite slabs are hand split into manageable sizes great for garden edging and patio or walkway borders.

Hand Split Granite Garden Edging

Here’s another great example of hand split granite edging. This material was all reclaimed and salvaged in Central Massachusetts.

Hand Split Granite Garden Edge – Harpswell – Maine

Our newest addition to the inventory is over one thousand feet of long lengths. This material has one flat finished side and the opposite side is rough and natural. We have dozens of stones of nine feet in length!

Reclaimed Granite Curbing
Reclaimed Granite Curbing


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  1. Looking for cash price if you want, on 200 Lin,ft. Of curbing 7″—8″ x 18″ by 5’to 8′ / 10′ the common size, , I’ll pick up,, would plan on 200′ per load . depending on price I hope to need 2500–3000 ft throughout the summer,, first load in march

  2. Yes I do still need prices on curbing,,1&2 gen,,,I’ll pick up,,, say 200′ @a time, cash!!! 4′–8′ ? Long ?,

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