Items for Sale

Items for Sale

Here are a few of the unique items we currently have for sale in Charlton, Ma.

If you are interested in any of these granite  pieces please contact us today @ 508.248.4044 and make sure to ask for Henry.

These two slabs are nearly nine feet long and almost four feet wide. They are ideal stones for a water feature.

Oversized Stone Slabs

These two larger square granite landings were salvaged from a Church in Auburn, Ma. The bottom side was originally the exposed surface and is perfectly flat with evidence of construction (i.e. stains etc.). We prefer the slightly rougher but more natural look of the reverse side.

Granite Landings

We were fortunate enough to salvage thirty tons of sawn bluestone veneer from a prestigious university in western Massachusetts.  This material is ideal for any masonry wall or veneer installation including chimneys, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens or walls.

Sawn Bluestone Veneer
Sawn Bluestone Veneer

Some of our oldest granite stock was reclaimed from a barn foundation in Rhode Island. The color is a rich salmon tone with a dark fleck. We have almost 100 linear feet of material for any type of masonry or landscape application including steps and or a veneer.

Reclaimed Granite Steps

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