Green-Stone can be any kind of natural stone reclaimed and sold in place of a newly quarried stone.

If your looking to build green than there’s no other choice for stone products. Whether it’s a chimney or fireplace veneer, patio, walkway or outdoor landscape there’s a Green-Stone that can be sourced.

We have a large selection of Green-Stone stamped products such as:

Architectural Stone Elements
Curbing and Step Stock
Granite Foundations
Hand-Split Granite Fence Posts and Mailbox Posts
Large Weathered Flagging
Limestone Barn Foundations
Native Fieldstones
Reclaimed Quarry Stock *
Used Cobbles

We’ve put Green-Stone on projects across New England and are excited to offer the widest selection of environmentally conscious landscaping and masonry products.

If there’s a stone you’ve been thinking about using contact us today to find out about Green-Stone options. Each stone we work with carries it’s own history and lineage. It’s our goal to preserve those elements while offering cost effective and green materials to our clients.

Green-Stone is available exclusively from Stone of New England.

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