Rumford Fireplace Training

Rumford Fireplace Training



Tuesday October 25, 2016 8am-12pm

Coffee & Lunch


Title: Masonry Fireplace and Masonry Chimney

Design and Construction

Presenter: Superior Clay Corporation , Uhrichsville Ohio


Dana Martini

36 Years Experience with Superior Clay Corp.


Technical Service Presentation:


2.5 hour– Powerpoint Presentation – Detailed description and discussion of proper masonry fireplace and masonry chimney design and construction issues. Cover important IRC code issues. Also will discuss in detail issues of air requirements, air pressure and efficiency with the operation of wood burning masonry fireplaces.


1.5 hour- Dry stack firebox, throat, damper and smoke chamber.

Learning Objectives:


1) You go away with a clearer understanding of important Safety and Code issues that pertainto the design and construction of site built masonry fireplaces.


2) You have a better understanding of what makes a fireplace work. Some of the basic physicsthat are at work.


3) We will discuss what measures can be done that even though may not be requirements of the codes, we can improve the overall performance of the fireplace and the masonry chimney system.


4) Also for this seminar we will briefly discuss clay bake oven construction.




New York Tek Spec 3.5

Superior Clay Corporation Product Catalog


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