New England Fieldstone Inventory

New England Fieldstone Inventory

We have a great selection of palletized New England Fieldstone. Pictured below are Select Flats . These stones are 1″-4″ thick and generally have blocky flat faces. This stone is ideal for small garden walls .

Palletized New ENgland Fieldstone

Our most popular examples of palletized New England Fieldstone would be what we call Wall Run. This is stone of all shapes and sizes. Most will be round with the occasional flat cap stone or stepper included in the pallet. This is ideal for recreating an authentic New England Fieldstone wall. We ship pallets across the country and can quote an size job big or small.

Palletized New England Fielstone - Wall Run

For patios and walkways New England Fieldstone Garden Path pallets are exceptional. Each pallet contains roughly 10-15 stones ranging in size from 2 sqft up to 6 sqft . These stones can be bought individually be the weight or by full pallet. We would be happy to help assist estimating your project including all the required materials for prep work.


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