Stones of the Past

Stones of the Past

I hike across the New England landscape discovering stones that have been moved by our ancient ancestors. Many times these boulders have been shaped to resemble native animals.  I’ve documented a number of properties and even gone as far as positioning them, in a line,  with other well known archeological sites in North America.

Please join me while I try to educate a broader audience with my knowledge of these rocks.

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Many of these stones have been well documented over the past two centuries and early settlers had an understanding of their importance to the Natives of the land. Often these stones have lunar alignments, solstice views and distinguishing characteristics to their shape.

Steerage Rock Brimfield Ma Post Card

The large formation of stone below has been sculpted in to a large cat. One can only imagine how long this has been here and how much organic material has built up around it hiding what else may have been shaped by hand.

Cat Rock - Stone Sphinx


Megalithic Stone Animal Effigy

Propped Boulder